Input GPS antenna AGROWAY 380 for agriculture purposes

If your GPS direction indicator (parallel driving):

  • Has a big error while working?
  • Has bad signal that can be lost sometimes?
  • Alternatively, has bad antenna at all?

Our masters and our professional antenna will renew

the quality of signals in your direction indicators foragricultural purposes.

Our company AGROWAY® specializes at the precise agriculture systems. One of the newest direction is the solving the question about bad antenna work in the precise driving systems.

After market research, we have determined that not all devices available on the market can cope with this task. Due to weak external antenna, not all of them are intended for use on the territory of Ukraine or not at all been designed for use with the systems of parallel driving (non-professional, automotive exterior antenna).

In this regard, it was decided to propose for the market a professional and at the same time affordable, high quality antenna – GNSS AGROWAY 380. With help of it, you can work in any transportation and you can use any parallel driving systems at the same time.


This antenna of professional level for agricultural objects that work even in tough exploitation conditions.

The antenna works in the diapason of such navigation signals L1 (ГЛОНАСС, GPS, GALILEO, SBAS).

SMART GNSS antenna AGROWAY 380 receives signals from the right-hand circular polarization and reduces multipath noise suppressing the reflected signals with left-hand polarization. Thus, to achieve high quality use these antennas moreover with their quite cheap price.

SMART GNSS AGROWAY 380 has amplifier with a low noise, as well as a special filter to protect against noise-band GSM signal strength!

Antenna amplifier is protected of harmful processes of enter signals to 1,9 W.

The body of the GPS antenna is made of aluminum alloy with addition of high impact plastic that can prove the heavy cold and is not destroyed while frost.

Antenna mount to the body of the tractor – magnetic.

The contact antenna type RS232 – Bluetooth. This way, the antenna fits to many parallel driving systemsтем selling in the Ukrainian market.

Technical characteristics of SMART GNSS AGROWAY 380

Standard: GNSS
The variant of execution: Output. With amplifier.
Diapason of operating frequency L1 GPS — from 1 575 to 1602 megahertz
Amplification factor — 28,0 ± 2,5 db
Supply voltage from 2,5 to 5,5 W
Current consumption less 40 mА
diameter — 170 mm, height — 80mm.
Weight 650 gr.
working temperature from -39 to +71 ° С
Prong RS232 – Bluetooth
Support — magnetic.

Guarantee period — 12 months.

You need not wait until you should buy a high-quality external GPS antenna. As the practice shows if you have already begun work in the field you need to cancel the difficulties right now. Take care about the quality of your fieldwork right today!

Additional information about our products, and her use you can get for the consultant of our company is a tel. +380677273565