For partners

Dear Colleagues!

Let us to thank you for your attention to our company AGROWAY®. In addition, of course thank you for the time that you paid to connect with us!

We need reliable partners in different part of Ukraine! We are searching for people who can value the quality and long stable profitable relationships, who take care of their clients.

What could you get?

You make you assortment bigger with help of qualitied production. You can propose to your client the ideal alternative to any parallel driving systems in the same time saving your money.

You also can solve your problems with bad GPS-antennas working in the precise driving systems.

We have a great purpose to increase the sales market of precise driving systems and GPS-antennas for agricultural aims.

The advantages of partnership with us:
• You propose actual and competitive production to the market;
• Minimum initial investments;
• Reference to the volume of purchases and stocks;
• Free education and consultation for your specialists.

The price for our production from the cheapest one to the premium class! Your clients would be very pleased.

Moreover, you do not have to think about first steps because you already have the concrete sales market and the format of your future work.

The purpose of this proposition is to start negotiations according our partnership.

We are sure that the work with brand AGROWAY® will bring you good and fast profit and gratitude of clients. In addition the partnership with reliable and serious provider – only enjoyment from your new successful business.

Collaboration proposes: