The system GPS for area measure AGROWAY® 280 Field

Universal satellite system for area measure, perimeter and distance AGROWAY® 280 Field.

AGROWAY® 280 Field is modern and unique original satellite system for area measure, tool of precise agriculture. AGROWAY® 280 Field is the unique accurate device of precise agriculture. It measures area, perimeter and direction with high accuracy using GPS-technology (without subscription fee), saves all results of changes and makes the map of field right on the devise or on the personal computer. AGROWAY® 280 Field is modern and accurate system of field measuring (area, perimeters and directions changes), it is ideal assistant for any farmer. It is a device with colorful screen that can be taking in hands (battery is enough for 2 and more hours of work), install on truck or car, etc.

Its possibilities:Вим_рювання площ

  • Measure areas of any shape, size, position;
  • Save outlines in the most widespread formats;
  • Watch files of measuring on the computer;
  • Make graghical reports;
  • Divide and connect lines;
  • Give a name to fields (even each point on the field);
  • Write notes about crops, kinds, time, etc.;
  • Search for useful field or positions on the area.

AGROWAY® 280 Field —system of area measure that helps save your money. Area measuring of your fields, counting and control your expenses for fieldwork are your first and the most mportant step for increasing of agricultural efficiency.

AGROWAY® 280 Field functions
Area measure of any difficulties. You only need to take AGROWAY® 280 Field and go through your fields or other area and AGROWAY® 280 Field will absolutely itself do all necessary measures, count your area, perimeter or length. You can see the total area of any field and the sum area of necessary surface parts. If you have some obstacles that harm your work, you can have a “break time” in your measuring and then continue work at any time. If your field is divided into few parts, you can measure both parts separately and then sum these areas up and see the total surface area.
You can see on the screen of AGROWAY® 280 Field a figure (configuration) of changed surface part, its area, perimeter, length of your done route. You can name this measured part and save it in the device memory. You also can save all received data on your computer for watching, saving or printing.

Dividing the field area into necessary parts.
You can divide measured field into useful proportions for you. AGROWAY® 280 Field will show this process on the screen, show the area, perimeter of all its parts and gives opportunity to name each part and save the result in the memory of device.

The ultra-precise determination of point coordinates. AGROWAY® 280 Field will gather the statistical data every second standing on the one place. All error measuring is made with help of received statistics and then with help of correction pf all received coordinates.

Determination of points. You can determinate and point at the useful item. You can come back to the chosen one at any time. The system of navigation will show what direction is right for your moving. Automatically or handed addition of all necessary points.

The distance measure. It is possible to measure the distance between the boarders of the field. You can measure the area between two different points if you show them on the screen of the device. The exact distance can be measured with help of AGROWAY® 280 Field.

Fields accounting on the computer.

AGROWAY® 280 Field is sold with cable and the program for computer. So your fields can be seen on the computer as the map, print all useful information and compare with the satellite photo shoots of Earth.

The accuracy of measure. It is necessary to understand the differences between “device accuracy” and “program accuracy”. In most cases, the accuracy of GPS devices (car navigators) does not depend on the size and quality of antenna. It depends on algorithm of coordinates measure. Programs AGROWAY®  have own algorithm for measures and the result of this – centimeter accuracy and the price of such devices.

The maximal error of the point is 1 meter. For example, let us count the error on the field 200 hectares. The perimeter is 8 km. The error is 1 meter.

8000м * 1m = 8000 square meters = 0,8 hectares. It means that the error is only 0, 8%. Practically, the error can be less because if the deposition of coordinates to one side 0,5 meters. The device will cut one side in 0,5 meters but from other side the device will put the same number. Very often error is approximately 0,1 — 0,2%.

The device has 4,3 inch TFT screen (sensor one), car support stick, wall and car chargers (from lighter) . It gives opportunity to charge this device in the car, truck or in any other transportation. The device also has USB. AGROWAY® 280 Field has in-built battery that works well while you are walking by foot. It also has in-built GPS communicator (subscription fee) with high sensitive antenna.