The system of precise driving AGROWAY® 380 SMART

The parallel driving system AGROWAY® 380 SMART based on GPS navigation is quite profitable technology for modern agricultural technics. Direction indicator AGROWAY® is the newest parallel driving system, which is used for the precise management of wide-cut aggregates. It leads to reduce of gate-passes and field covering.

With help of direction indicators AGROWAY®, it is possible to drive both forth line and curve line. The main idea is to minimize all gate passes and extra coverings in nearby raws. It does not mind what you are certainly doing: work the soil, fertilize it or use PPP — in any case systems AGROWAY® will help you in all these processes and will make your work easier on different stages.
The parallel driving system is one of the most effective way to increase the result of fieldwork. The main advantage of parallel driving system is decrease of mistakes and minimization of human factor while fieldwork.
The functional apparatus principle, how to use it: management scheme of conveying unit using direction indicator is quite easy. The direction indicator is situated inside the cab, usually over the handle bar or in front of the steering arms. The apparatus gives automatic hacks to mechanizer, where turn the handle bar to make the movement forth line in the raw and to avoid inter raws spaces. The driver needs compensate all necessary extra spaces. It gives opportunity to avoid hand laying and to use any markers.
The parallel driving system AGROWAY® 380 SMART is characterized as quite easy in management: this system does not need any special education for working, interface is simple so it gives opportunity for people with small knowledge of computer systems work well with such system.
All apparatus data is used in all types of agricultural technics in fact: trucks, combine harvesters, spraying devices, etc.


  1. Free driving.
    The done fieldwork is painted in another color on the screen, so by this way it can be possible to see how much work is done. Red color paints the gangway and it means while the car is turning any side it is possible to find the current raw and minimize covering. It also has the function of break time – movement stopped. It will give you opportunity to come back to departure point for continuing fieldwork.
  2. Parallel driving in line А-В.
  3. All done work is fixated (the note according done work).
  4. The action of work fixation for wanted aggregate width will show you the movement in the field, all done route and all worked square. It also has the possibility to watch a video of driving.
  5. It is possible to send maps of worked fields to your computer and to make reports about done work.
  6. You can point back to your unfinished work at any time with possibility to start from the current point.
  7. Field measuring. Changing scare according the field size


AGROWAY® 380 SMART is high quality parallel driving system (truck GPS navigator). The best direction indicator in its price category. It is reliable and comfortable with special precise antenna that catch a “correct” signal both after 15-20 minutes from the start of the work and after 5 hours of fieldwork. AgrowayAGROWAY® 380 SMART is cheap device for precise work!

Easy and cheap system parallel driving system that is ideal for any truck, combine harvester or sprayer device. Direction indicator for truck AGROWAY® 380 SMART lets the precise following raws for transport, helps to reduce expenses and to minimize coverings and inter spaces while fieldwork (spraying, fertilizing, putting herbicides, making cultivation, etc.). The parallel driving system AGROWAY® 380 SMART can be easy put in other technical apparatus.

AGROWAY® 380 SMART is comfortable device that includes both parallel driving and the function of measure and counting of fields. The parallel driving system (direction indicator) has a pleasant price. It is the ideal variant for agricultural work!

System AGROWAY® 380 SMART has the big wide screen with high level of contrast, diagonal 7 inches. The colorful screen makes the orientation and driving easier while the road is curve line and the car needs to be turned.

Such screen gives possibility to work comfortably in any time – sunny day or night – it does not matter.
The simple erecting is vacuum on the car screen, magnetic support for antenna and standard power connector, makes installing direction indicator fast from one car to another and dismantle it for save.

The system AGROWAY® 380 SMART makes high accuracy for systems of indicators such type possible. The practical accuracy for earth driving approximately 20-30 cm, that is enough for fertilizing and PPP. It runs with GPS and antenna GNSS AGROWAY 380.

This professional level antenna for moving agricultural objects that work even in tough exploitation conditions. The antenna works in the range of navigation signals L1 (ГЛОНАСС, GPS, GALILEO, SBAS). GPS SMART antenna GNSS AGROWAY 380 has the amplifier with low level of inherent noise and the special filter for guard against band GSM signals interferences! The amplifier is protected of the input signal capacity to one W.

The body of the GNSS SMART antenna is made of aluminum alloy with addition of high impact plastic that can prove the heavy cold and is not destroyed while frost. The body construction is waterproof, hermetic, the protection level -IP67.
The antenna support to the transportation is magnetic. The contact type RS232 – Bluetooth. This way, the antenna fits to many parallel driving systemsтем selling in the Ukrainian market.

The purchase of the parallel driving system is your investment to economical, resource saving and ecological agricultural manufacture!
This system is easy in use. You can increase its efficiency on the field. In addition, built-in system of measuring surfaces will be the ideal assistant for farmers in different spheres!


1. The effective use of agricultural technical units;
2. The system can be installed to any truck (foreign or native made) – wanted only lighter in some cases;
3. Reduce expenses for different materials (fertilizers, fuel);
4. Increase of fieldwork quality;
5. The possibility of fieldwork control;
6. Fieldwork in fasten time — process control;
7. Increase of charging technics index (possibility to work at night);
8. Recoupment of expenses even during one season;
9. The possibility to reinstall different type of technics;
10. Showing all results in electronic reports (with use of necessary equipment)
11. «AGROWAY®» Software.
12. Guarantee period -12 months

Modern GPS- parallel driving systems that you can buy in our company gives possibility to reduce fast the time of fieldwork and save fuel and labor resources.

Additional information about our products, and her use you can get for the consultant of our company is a tel. +380677273565