Precision agriculture

Nowadays it is possible to get maximal results in precision agriculture only with help of modern technologies.

The term “precision agriculture” has constantly been for 30 years in high attention in the agricultural world. By data for 2013, approximately 80% of farmers in the USA from other agricultural spheres are using such technology.

More than 70% of German farms are working using this technology, both rather small farms and big ones. This technology is also popular in Holland and Denmark. It is using widespread in Europe and China while the huge growth of demanding is seen in the USA and in Brasilia too.

Precision agriculture can be used for improving of crops condition and for agro management in few directions:
Точне землеробство– agricultural: the production improves on real necessities of plants to fertilize crops;
– technical: the improving of time management on the commercial farm unit level (in the same time all agricultural operations are well planning);
– ecological: it reduces the negative influence of agricultural manufacture on environment (more detailed estimate of crops requirements in nitrogen fertilizers leads to limitation of treatment and of the process of spreading of such fertilizers);
– economical: the increase in efficiency or retrenchment increase the efficiency of agricultural business (including the reduce of nitrogen fertilizer input).

The definition of “precision agriculture” without any going deep into difficult terminology is understood as the corps productiveness with all local consequences for each field.

In other words, it is the optimal crop farming management at each square meter for getting maximal output with agricultural and natural resource saving.
It is required for all of these purposes to have modern computer-controlled agricultural technology, equipment for proper positioning, technical systems, automatic accounting system of input yield, systems of precise controlled agents, computer programs for data display and analysis.
One of the main our purposes is to show the practical decision of concept realization of one component of précising agriculture – working with equipment for proper positioning.

AGROWAY®380 is quite easy system GPS. This system provides precise vehicle passage in rows, metering of the field area. It captures al the volume of work per day, which was done by techniques.
This system also has other useful functions. It does not matter what in particular you are doing – work the soil, fertilize it or put PPP. In any case, the system AGROWAY®380 will help you in all your agricultural actions and in the same time makes your work easier.

AGROWAY®280 is the extraordinary precise land survey apparatus for its characteristics. It provides measuring of area, perimeter and distance to high precision with help of GPS-technologies (without license fee), save all measuring results and make a map of fields right in the apparatus or in the personal computer.